Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Road closed Monday 4th March for 4 days initially, please use the link to Highways below to keep you upto date

Notification of Road Closure Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School

Please note, Somerset Highways have a planned road closure from Monday 4th March for 4 days, Wells Way at the side of the school will be CLOSED from just past the school entrance right up to the junction of Sand Lane and Heath House Road. If you pick your children up, you will be affected and will be unable to turn your car around in the usual way to approach the loop.

To help ease the pressure of traffic on the main road during this period we have arranged the following:

  • There will be parking for 56-60 cars on the tennis court. For safety reasons:

            a. Access will be between 3:30 – 4:00pm not before or afterwards,

            b. Cars WILL NOT be able to drive out of school until after 4:00pm;

  •  We will have additional staff on the loop and will direct collection of children;
  • Our lovely neighbours The Sexeys Arms and Village Hall have agreed that they will allow parking on their premises for the period of closure ONLY, we are grateful for their support at this time;
  • Please ensure that your children know where you plan to pick them up from;
  • To ease the traffic, please consider car sharing whenever possible;