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Rotary Music Competition Winner - Poppy McGhee

Poppy McGhee was the overall winner of this competition this year. She had some good competition from students three years older than her, but she was, not surprisingly perhaps, the clear winner. Her second piece called The Hot Canary really was a show stopper. She really is an exceptional talent.

Poppy therefore goes through to the next round, which includes finalists from Somerset and parts of Dorset and Wiltshire and which will be held in Kings of Wessex School hall on Sunday, 11th March, starting at 2.00 pm. This could be interesting, as she is likely to be competing against the winner from last year who went through to the national final. Two from the round on 11th March go forward to the next round, which covers the whole of the south west.

Poppy received the winner's cup on the evening and a £50 winners voucher.
We wish you good luck in the next round Poppy!