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Rounders Festival: HSMS vs Fairlands

Match report Thursday May 26th 

Rounders festival Fairlands V Hugh Sexey

Venue: Fairlands Middle School


The sun was shining and the match conditions were perfect. 

Forty girls from  all four year groups travelled to Fairlands in Cheddar for rounders. 

Many thanks to Mrs. Martin for her support with umpiring. 


Year five 

The girls were really excited about their first match. The girls have been training hard with Mr.Lamb on a Monday lunch time and this was their opportunity to put their skills into practise. It was a close match with some excellent performances. Ester Mitchell  was given girl of the match

Final score Hugh Sexey 9Fairlands 7

Year six 

One of the loudest teams I have ever umpired! The noise was encouraging and again there were some excellent performances. Isobel Cook scored four rounders and was given girl of the match.The catching was very accurate and it was an exciting match to watch. 

Final score Hugh Sexey won

Year seven 

This was the first match for year seven and they have not played together as a team. All girls have been regularly attending club on a Thursday evening and captains Grace Richardson and Caitlin Petit organised their players well. Fairlands batted well and eventually came through to win. Poppy Whittingham was given girl of the match. 

Final score. Fairlands won 

Year eight

The girls fielded and batted well and their skills were exceptional. At one point they managed to get all the opposition out. This team have been focusing on their batting and it showed as time after time they hit the ball into the distant horizon. Zoe Collyer batted superbly and score four rounders. 

Final Score Hugh Sexey 22 Fairlands 10