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Rugby at Wells Cathedral School

On the 21st of September, Hugh Sexeys travelled  to Wells Cathedral school to play  two Trainings/games with our Year 7s and Year 8s. This was the first fixture for both years therefore those who haven’t discovered Rugby training yet did not take part.

On the year 8 pitch the Hugh Sexey boys were doing very well with Evan leading with the most tries and earning victory for the team. Over on the year 7 pitch Wells Cathedral beat Hugh Sexeys 8 tries to 3 although the game was cut short due to an injury from the opposition. Despite the score line Hugh Sexeys year 7s put on a very good display and showed heart and passion all the way to the end, with players such as Alex and Ben shining in the team. Real determination was showed by the year 8 boys as they showed what great players they are. A massive credit to all the teams involved - they put on a great display and were exciting to watch.