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Save Somerset


Ben (8KS) has continued to raise awareness of his and his friends' 'Save Somerset' campaign by releasing a video on youtube  which powerfully highlights the frightening impact of plastic pollution.


Ben, with school friends Kayden and Will, launched the campaign called ‘Save Somerset’ last year to help clean up Burnham and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution.

Ben put together the new promotional video in preparation for more clean up sessions, not only on the beach but in parks around local towns. When interviewed by, Ben said he compiled the video to raise awareness of the amount of plastics in our oceans and highlight this world wide emergency, as well as making more people aware of what we are doing to the environment. Ben hopes the video will encourage others to join them on their next clean up session.

All tutor groups will have a chance to see Ben's video, to encourage more students to join in and help with the clean-ups.