Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Showjumping for HSMS: National Schools Equestrian Association Round Up

Lulu 5JC, Ferris 6AF and Hattie 6FL, attended a Show Jumping qualifier a couple of weekends ago at Moreton Equestrian in Dorset. 
Lulu was 4th in her 40cm class, Ferris won his 60cm class and Hattie won her 70cm class - We can literally say Hugh Sexeys Middle School wiped the board against all of the private schools. It was a massive achievement and worth the long journey there in the rain. 
The three of them will now qualify for the regional final in January back at Moreton Equestrian.
During lockdown some of the members will be doing online dressage competitions through the NSEA, which will prove to be great fun.