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Space Detective visits Year 5

On Wednesday 4th May, Year 5 were very lucky to be visited by Jo Richardson, Space Detective.  Jo is one of 50 UK Space Ambassadors for the International Space Station and has communicated with our very own British astronaut, Tim Peake!
Jo taught us lots about Tim’s journey to the stars and how he travelled there in a Russian rocket.  We watched videos of the launch, the orbit of the ISS around the Earth and spectacular photos of Earth taken by the astronauts.  We learned that the astronauts on board the ISS can watch a sunset or sunrise every 45 minutes!
She told us of the many recent space discoveries, including the fact that Pluto is covered in graphite!  Although she was able to answer lots of our questions she informed us that there is still much we don't know about Space, including why Space is black.
It was an extremely enjoyable and interesting morning which has hugely inspired us as we continue our Earth and Space topic in Science.