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Sports Day - Years 5 and 6


Year 6 - Vikings - 1st place, Saxons - 2nd place, Celts - 3rd place, Normans - 4th place.

The year 6 sports day was a wonderful event, with clear blue skies, enthusiastic support and 3 school records broken. The students involved all made a huge contribution to the day, doing all they could to secure point for their house. It was a day to remember for the Celts relay team of Tom Bean, Jacob Aberdeen, Will Bougourd and Kenny Poole, as they broke a long standing record in the 4 x 100m relay with a time of 1.03.47. Daisy Becker Hughes continued her record breaking streak from last year with a record in long jump. Daisy jumped 4.00m to break the 23 year old record of 3.93m. A less traditional event that had a long standing record was the Welly wang. Polly Fowler was delighted to be confirmed as the winner in this event, with a new record of 17m. Other notable mentions go to Jemima Thurling who shook off earlier disappointment to win the 800m with an impressive time of 3.13. Will Creaser performed well in both the 200m and cricket ball throw. Evie Martin had a great day on the track winning the girls 200m. Oscar Boorman of the Vikings was 14 seconds shy of Oliver Fox's long standing 800m record with a great time of 2.50. Polly Fowler was nearly a double record breaker with a scorching time of 11.53 in the girls 80m. Tom Bean was also close to a record in the same event with an impressive time of 10.69.

It was a delight to see all of the students enjoy themselves and contribute to the competition. Well done to all involved, and many thanks to the sport leaders and staff for helping to run the event.


Year 5 - Celts = 47, Normans = 46, Vikings = 41, Saxons = 38

Hot june sun bathed the athletics track on the day of the year 5 sports day. On their first sports day at Hugh Sexey, it was pleasing to see the athletes take so much pride in representing their houses. Max Scantlebury and Ben Carter helped contribute to a thrilling 80m race, with Max just securing first place at the end. The girls 800m race was another excellent event, with Chloe Nicolaides  emerging the winner. Will Martin was the winner of the 200m and really got the crowd going with his after race celebrations. All of the events were completed with real enthusiasm and a good sense of fun. The sports leaders, staff and support from parents really helped contribute to a lovely afternoon.