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The Singing Children of Africa

Jolaurabi School visit to HSMS on Friday 14 October, 2016

Last week pupils at HSMS were very pleased to welcome "The Singing Children of Africa" to their school.  The choir represents pupils at Jolaurabi School from near Mombassa Kenya.  The school is a charity school funded by Educate the Kids, a not-for-profit, UK based charity.  The region that pupils from the school come from is rural and very poor.  Without sponsorship, these children would have no opportunity for an education.  The choir performed for us, sharing their beautiful voices and uplifting dancing.  The HSMS pupils welcomed the Kenyan children in their lesson and worked on collaborative learning projects using iPad technology.  The PE department hosted an intercontinental football match at lunch time, with the Kenyans winning 3-1.  The HSMS were a great support to both teams.  The Kenyan children were also so excited to hear a performance by our own HSMS percussion group, lead by drum teacher Giles Hicks.  Some of the Kenyan boys joined in with the drumming, and before long, both the Kenyans and HSMS pupils were dancing away.  It was a fantastic day to share cultural understanding, and I know many of our children will certainly remember positively this experience for a long time come.  Funds raised through contributions raised £420.  Well done HSMS.