Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Tinned Food Collection on Mufti Day

Friday was Mufti day for pupils at HSMS.  In return for wearing mufti pupils were asked to bring in a tin of canned food to donate to the food bank at Highbridge. All the tins were then boxed up and transported to Highbridge, where they were gratefully received by the volunteers. 
This letter of thanks arrived at school earlier this week:
" I would like to thank all of the pupils, staff and parents from Hugh Sexey Middle School for their kind food contributions to the Highbridge Area Foodbank on Friday last week. A fantastic 366.04 Kilos was weighed in which will go a long way to feed those in need. Huge thanks also to the very helpful pupils who helped me fill my car up with all the donations. I hope everyone enjoyed their Mufti day!"


Mrs Warner-Deards