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Trust Statement to Parents 19 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for your understanding and support during this time of uncertainty.  Rest assured that staff in the Wessex Learning Trust are here to support as much as we can.


The government last night said that schools will close to learners on Friday evening (20th March 2020).  However there are two groups of learners that may still continue to come to school:


1. Children of Key Workers – NHS staff, delivery staff, police drivers, (teachers/educational support workers) etc.

2. Vulnerable children – those who have an EHCP or have a social worker allocated to them


The first group we will not know who they are, the second we do already.  We will contact all parents /carers asking them if they feel they work in a ‘key role’.

Once we know how many learners, we can expect in school each day we can then work out a staffing model to support those learners. 


Each school will have set work for their learners to complete between now and the end of the usual Easter holiday. This will have been set either on virtual learning platforms or by paper packs of information.  In the event of closure that extends beyond the Easter holiday, we will update you with how to access the next set of learning.  


Families in our schools who are supported by external agencies or with whom we have worked very closely due to a variety of vulnerabilities will be contacted by school staff on a regular basis throughout the period of closure.  Likewise, we are setting up procedures regarding the reporting of safeguarding concerns.

We have been told today that we can expect changes to be taking place to SATs, GCSEs, BTECs and A Level examinations.  We do not have the full detail of this yet, other than learners will get the qualifications that they need and deserve.

Exam boards are working closely and tirelessly with Government to establish exactly how this will look.  We absolutely appreciate what an incredibly difficult and anxious time this is for particularly Year 6, Year 11 and Year 13 learners and their families. We will do everything within our power to support you with the right information as it is released to us.


Gavin Ball

Chief Executive Wessex Learning Trust