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Under 13s Rugby vs Fairlands

Under 13s Rugby vs Fairlands


The boys rugby team played some very adventurous and expansive rugby against a spirited Fairlands side. It’s been a long while since this team has played a full contact match and it was evident emotions were high prior to kick off. Skipper Harry did a great job of keeping the players focused and they started brilliantly. Some of the passing and decision making was simply first class. All of the players were able to access options in front of them and put others into space. With Dillion, Harry, Xavier and Josh spread across the width of the field it seemed we always had an attacking outlet. Those 4 in particular played in a way that really helped bring the best out of everyone and made for an excellent game. The raw power and direct running of Zak, Oliver, Jack, Dylan and Archie as first up carriers meant we were constantly able to get front foot ball. Fairlands tackled everything and anything that came down their channel but eventually they ran out of numbers with Jack getting through a gap. We then pushed again with Withers and Mike showing excellent pace out wide. Lloyd in the centre was a rock in defence and a really assertive and forceful runner. His carries occupied multiple defenders meaning that Suik could manipulate the defence on the 2nd or 3rd phase. This is something he did time and time again. He put on a masterclass of taking the ball straight to the line and then realising others into space. This brought tries for Zak,Archie, Harry and the live wire Evan. Oliver could have scored a great try but instead stopped over the line and passed to the grateful Archie. Noah made a good impression with some sharp decisions and handling and scored a fine solo try.


Fairlands never gave up or stopped tackling and they got a deserved try when their rangy winger gathered a head of speed and proved too fast to catch. Hugh Sexey regrouped and there were trys for Harry and Harry. Tom also got in on the scoring, marking an impressive first game.


The boys should be pleased with how they played and are now preparing for the Oakfield game. Man of the match was a tricky one to call but Withers took it after an impressive display.