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Vikings at Carymoor.

Last week, the year fives went on a school trip to a place called Carymoor. Carymoor is a place where lots of things have been recycled and reused.


First, we hopped on a coach to get there, which was just under an hour away. When we arrived, we met a man called Gary. Gary explained that we would be doing lots of fun activities today but before we start, we are going to look at a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint was good and everyone enjoyed it.


The first activity that we did was make some wood cookies. We got a piece of wood, shaped in a circle, and then wrote our initials on it in Viking letters. We were allowed to decorate it too. We then attached a long piece of string so we could hang it up.


The next activity was creating some flour. We put some grains on a slightly curved rock and bashed, rubbed and squashed them, which made flour. Then there was another way which was two rocks together (very circular) with a small sip in the top rock so we could put a small, thick stick in the hole to spin it, which also made flour.


After that, we split half the class in one group and the other half would be the other group. One group made bread whilst the other group did orienteering. The first group got a stick and a ball of dough, You had to roll the dough out into a long sausage shape then wrap it around the stick with tin foil on the top. Then, you put it over the fire and let it cook.


The orienteering group got a map, a question sheet and an answer sheet to record your answers. We went off in groups of four and used the map to find the questions you had to answer. Once both groups finished, they swapped around. Then it was lunchtime!


After lunch, Gary said that we were going to do a treasure hunt. How it works is, in an area there are lots of Viking letters hidden in bushes, soil or a pack of flowers. We got a piece of paper with the Viking letters on to help us to work out the letter that we found. Then once you found all the letters, we had to make a word. The word that was right was gold coins, and even better we actually got to eat one. Yum!


The final activity that we did on our trip to Carymoor, was almost like we were being detectives. Gary put out lots of green mats with different types of animal footprints. Our job was to go around and find them, then record what animal we thought each footprint belonged to. Luckily, Gary wasn't that harsh because he gave us a booklet with clues in about the appearance of that animal's print.


I hope you enjoyed finding out about how our trip at Carymoor was.


Thank you for reading.