Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Winning Engineering Inventions

On Friday 14th June I had the pleasure of attending The South West Secondary Engineer Leaders Award and Exhibition at the University of the West of England. As part of the Leaders Award pupils were asked to answer the question ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’ Pupils had to draw a design to solve a problem within their home, local community or the wider world.

Congratulations to Natasha Broad (7RH) who received an award and trophy for winning the Year 7 category with her invention ‘The hand held steam cleaning glove’. The aim of the product is to help medical professionals and people at home with cleaning.  The product was designed to solve the problem of cleaning wet wipes ending up in landfills which is a huge problem for the environment because it takes hundreds of years to degrade and causes harm to animals due to them not being recyclable. The hand held steam cleaning glove destroys bacteria without using harmful chemicals. It works by using hot steam to destroy germs quickly. It connects to a rechargeable battery which provides heat and a water supply which provides steam once heated. The judges commended Natasha for showing excellent creativity and creating a design to help protect the environment.

At the end of the ceremony a prototype of Philippa Griffiths (8AMW) design ‘RLBS (Red Line Breaking System)’ was unveiled. She was awarded winner of the Year 7 category and overall winner of the competition last year. Over the course of the year a team of engineers from the university have worked with Philippa to bring her design concept to realisation. Philippa‘s prototype works by displaying red lights along the back windscreen of a vehicle to alert other drivers of the severity of breaking and levels of attention needed. This would help to reduce fatalities on our roads.

Congratulations to Charli Beeson (7RH) for being awarded Distinction and Jemima Seagrove (7KS) for being awarded the Judges Highly Commended Award. Their work has been put on display at an exhibition in the university alongside Natasha’s invention and Philippa’s prototype.

Miss Latti (Leader of DT) said “It is brilliant to see a pupil from Hugh Sexey win the Year 7 category for the second consecutive year! The pupils who participated in the competition have all really enjoyed exploring engineering possibilities to solve problems locally and in the wider world. The inventions they have created demonstrate excellent ingenuity. Well done to all the pupils on their incredible achievements.”