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Year 5 Bridge Building: Report by Ottilie and Hebe, 5EC.


On the 13th/14th November, Year 5 did a bridge building project. Some people from the company Costain helped us with the project. First of all, we had to put all of the safety equipment on like: safety helmets; work gloves; goggles and high viz jackets.

They explained that the type of bridge we were making was going to be a suspension bridge.

There are three main parts of a suspension bridge - the road below and the two poles at the sides.

The jobs that were needed to be done were the transporters that transported the parts of the road one by one. The people who put the support under the road. The people who connected the cables to the bridge and finally, the connectors, who put steel connectors in the middle of the planks of road to conjoin them together.

After we got to walk along the bridge, at the end we all got a pen or a ruler. Year 5 had a lot of fun doing this exercise.