Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 5 House Rugby Matches

The year 5 boys took part in their first House competition at Hugh Sexey School on November 20th. The players were very excited about the event and all of the boys have been working hard on their rugby skills in games lessons. This year we had a contact group and a tag group, and it allowed a number of the boys who are new to the game the chance to enjoy running, catching, passing and scoring without the obstacle of being tackled.
All of the payers worked extremely hard and enjoyed the games. The Vikings were eventually crowned champions after putting in solid performances in the contact and the tag games. Michal Eames, Will Fowler, Lewis Hay, Liam Hector, Jack Hillman, Harry Oliff, Eric Newton and Johnny Leeall put in impressive performances for a House that were very well stocked in rugby ability. In fact it is a credit to the other houses that they were able to reduce the scoring threats poised by the powerful Vikings. Celts were the runners up and pushed the Vikings very close in the final games. The Celts also had a number of impressive performances with Kyran Addis Mitchell and Finley Bendle combining well. George Ham also impressed with his tackling, and Toby Hembrow McKinley and Oliver Kemsley looked dangerous every time they had the ball and every time someone was brave enough to run at them. A notably mention must also go to Sam Bishop of the  Normans who saved his best performance for the last game where he was absolutely immense in defence. Archie Whittaker of Saxons with another player on a mission to do his best for his house.
The players should be most proud of their efforts and I was thrilled to see the sportsmanship shown by the Vikings, who leant players to the other houses. It was good to see these boys play with as much spirit when they were representing other houses. We look forward to seeing this group of boys develop.