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Year 5 Sports Day

Many Congratulations to the Vikings, who emerged victorious in the year 5 sports day with 133 points. The Saxons took 2nd with 130. With Celts in 3rd (117) and Normans in 4th (116).

The results were secondary to what was a truly lovely day of participation and camaraderie. The weather was very kind, and the enthusiasm of the crowd and the students set the tone for a great morning. The events kicked off yesterday with many

Harry had a day to remember on the track and in the field events, winning the 80m sprint and the long jump. The girls 80m final was an electric event with little between Amelie, Anna, Emily and Sophia in the first 4 places. In the welly wang Jack threw a welly whopping 17.90 to almost eclipse a long standing school record. In was a similar scenario in the girls event with Maddie, Ruby, Devon and Amelia all scoring well. Hattie and Ada tied in the girls high jump event with both girls jumping 95cm. Katie scored well in the rounders ball throw with a distance of 28 meters. Another notable mention was Finley in the cricket ball throw, with a superb distance of 34 meters. Still some way behind England Cricket star Jos Butler's record of 48.49, but worthy of first place. Special mention should also go to Charlie, Oli, Lewis, Toby and Michal who contributed fully and diligently with the distance events.

The day culminated with a fun run and it was pleasing to see so many of the students play a part.

Congratulations to all involved and many thanks to staff and the sports leaders for the help throughout.