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Year 5 Visit Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo


Our trip to Bristol Zoo was good because we saw multiple types of animals like lions and flamingos. My favourite animal we saw there was the Silverback Gorilla because it was getting teased by the younger monkeys.


In the workshop all of us if we wanted to, got to hold a Meal worm each. The Meal worms were very wriggly in your hand and really wanted to move around a lot. Also, in the workshop we had to find a tiger in a bush of shade with its camouflage coat. We also got to touch a snake and feel it but then we touched and stroked a Rat. After we had some lunch we went to the reptile houses where we saw lots of reptiles like snakes, poison dart frogs and crocodiles. The reason we went to Bristol Zoo was because we were learning about adaptations and habitats. Michael 5OM



First we saw the flamingo, the viewing area was good. I saw one flamingo was doing a kind of yoga. It was funny and amazing.

Then we saw the lions lying down. Did you know lions are predators because they are meat eaters, they have forward facing eyes, his skin blends in and he has sharp claws. The female kills and then the male steals the food.

We went inside to check on some animals and touch them, I touched the meal worm - it’s tickly! The meal worm walks backwards because if an animal holds it will be on the back so they can pull away to escape. They have six legs, they live in sandy soil. They become a type of beetle.  Xavier, 5OM