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Year 5 visit to 'We the Curious'

By Frank and Erin, 5OM
On Wednesday 22nd January, Year 5 went to 'We the Curious' in Bristol. It was really fun!
First, we did a workshop about the solar system, we learnt about all the planets and how the moon appears to change shape. (the phases) 
After that, we had lunch. Then we went upstairs to look at and play with the exhibits, next downstairs to see some more amazing things.
Then we went to the 3D planetarium and went on a holiday in space, where we were allowed to choose our destinations. Our group chose to visit: Lava Domes, Yin Yang Terrain, Uranian Aurora, Halley's Comet and Meteor Showers. 
Then, finally, we had some more free time to explore upstairs. I felt sad when we had to leave, but I remembered what a fun time we had.
A quote from the day "I loved the parachutes, but I couldn't choose my favourite, because I loved every minute of it!"