Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 6 Boys House Football Matches


The Normans were crowned the winners of the year 6 House Football competition on a wet and windy day. The competition was rescheduled due to poor weather and Chocolate factory commitments, however the delay did not effect the quality of the football on show. All houses played well and with good spirit and it was a joy to see the players enjoy the sport of football so much.

The Saxons made a promising start with a commanding 4 - 0 victory against the Saxons. Robert Fairchild and Ethan Floyd both played well in the opening games for the Saxons. On pitch 2 the Normans and the Celts shared the spoils with the Normans winning one game 1 - 0 and the Celts taking a 3 - 2 win in the second game. Ewan Duckett was in white hot form, always selecting the correct time to pass and showing a neat turn of pace when beating opponents. Jacob Ayres put in a typically commanding performance for the Normans, throwing his body in the way of the ball and marshalling the defence with purpose. The Vikings worked well throughout, gaining a win against the Saxons and the Celts.

The margin of victory was very close in most games, and many results could of gone either way. In the end the final standings were

Normans - 16

Celts - 14

Vikings - 10

Saxons - 8


Thanks to Mr Waterfield for his help throughout and the sport leaders Jack Gillett and George Champion who were excellent referees.