Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 6 Boys' House Rugby Matches

The year 6 boys House rugby competition was a tale of two competitions. The powerful Saxon's won every game in the contact group. The team had a number of school rugby players including Oliver and George Spinks and Max Scantlebury. With this in mind it is little wonder that they posed so many attacking threats to the opposition and it is a credit to the other Houses that they managed to prevent them from scoring when they had possession. For the Normans there were some stand out performances with Kieron Clarke and Ellis Thorne showing good skill and footwork. The Celts pushed the Saxons all the way with Jack Wall tackling everything and showing good awareness as an attacker. One of the stand out players of the competition was Hugo Andrew of the Vikings. He was on top of his game in every match and has improved immensely this year.

The tag group also displayed the improvements the boys have made this year. The Vikings won all of their games thanks to some slick finishing by Ryan Roach and Zak Burfield and intelligent inter play by Oscar Ham. In the end the Vikings had the highest total of points to secure victory. All of the boys should be very proud of their efforts.