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Year 6 Healthy Eating Trail at Tesco

As part of the Design Technology Enrichment Provision for more able pupils a group of twenty eight Year 6 pupils embarked on a Healthy Eating Trail at Tesco in Burnham-on-Sea.

Highlights of the trail included pupils learning about the origins and seasonality of fruit and vegetables, learning about different types of fish and seafood sold in store and observing how fish is prepared.

Pupils were also given a unique opportunity to visit the bakery to observe how bread and patisserie products are made in store using industrial machinery. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed tasting some freshly baked tiger bread! During the trail pupils were given plenty of opportunities to develop their sensory analysis skills by tasting a range of cheeses which included garlic and herb, smoked cheddar and stilton mango and ginger. The garlic and herb was a clear favourite! Pupils also sampled a variety of fruits from around the world  along with fruit flavoured water.

All the pupils and staff had a fantastic time on the trail and it was lovely to see the pupils reflecting on what they learnt and enjoyed most.

The Tesco colleagues will be visiting the pupils in school to work with them on future topics linked to sustainable foods.