Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 6 House Football Competition

Year 6

Saxons were the eventual winners of the year 6 House football competition. They had a strong team with Louis, Cobe and Jack central to their Premier Trophy success. Cobe would go on to win player of the day in the Premier Competition on account of his strong attacking form. Saxons could also rely on the very reliable Harry in goal. Who was safe and assured throughout. They also had a strong side in the Challenge cup with Taylor providing a real attacking edge. The Vikings finished second overall and won the Challenge Cup. Jake was outstanding in the Challenge Cup. He was a constant source of inspiration for his team mates and his encouraging words really brought the best out of the Vikings. He also chipped in with some crucial goals. An excellent performance and he was a deserved winner of the player of the day for the Challenge competition. The Normans finished 3rd overall. Harrison putting in a strong performance in the Challenge Cup. On paper the Normans had a very strong side and to their credit they did play well. Yelysei, Eric and Will all played well but the cohesion of the other teams meant that wins were hard to come by. The Celts were 4th. Harry and Freddie put in some very commanding performances for the Celts. Fergus worked hard throughout and performed very well.