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Year 6 Sports Day


There were only 10 points separating 1st place and 4th in the year 6 Sports day. Saxons were crowned the champions, with Normans, Vikings and Celts completing the order. It was a great spectacle, with some wonderful races, feats of endeavour and beautiful examples of sporting ethics and values. The parents brought a real atmosphere to the events too, and I am sure it inspired the students further.

Max had a day to remember breaking Steven Jones' 80m record from 2015 with a time of 10.54. He had previously run 12.01 in his heat. Alice Steakler was also close to a record in the girls 80m race. Max was also desperately close to breaking a record in the long jump with a distance of 4.10. Ethan, James and Tom also did very well in that event. Finley also had a cracking games. He won the 1500m on the Monday, and took part in a thrilling 800m final. He held off the threat from Nathan all the way around, with just 5 seconds between them. Oliver did very well to get 3rd place, closely followed by Dennis, Kieron, Danny, George and George.

The girls 800m race was another great event. Amelie went off  at a blistering pace and forced the other girls to stay with her. I felt that it was far too fast, but was proved wrong. As some of the girls inevitably fatigued on the second lap, Chloe and Cery's stayed with Amelie to battle it out for 2nd and 3rd places.  Amelie emerged victorious for the Normans but the other girls did very well to stay in the race.

The girls high jump was far closer than any could have imagined. Olivia shocking all the athletes with a wonderful technical performance. Her battle with Alice was a joy to watch, and it was lovely to see the girls giving their best but encouraging and celebrating the others success.

The inclusive events proved to be popular and it was a delight to see Zoey, Evan, Poppy and Rhys doing so well in the optional fun run.

The students should be very proud of the way they conducted themselves, and I hope they enjoyed the events as much as the staff enjoyed watching them.