Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 6 STEM Workshop

On Wednesday 13th October the Science and DT Faculty invited 30 Year 6 pupils to participate in an exciting STEM workshop which was hosted by a company called STEMworks on behalf of the National Grid.  

During the first part of the workshop pupils learnt how the National Grid supply energy to customers and communities and how they are working hard to decarbonise the energy system so that it is net zero by 2050. Pupils learnt how Hinckley Point C will be used to supply and power electricity across the South West region upon its completion in 2026. Pupils developed their knowledge on how electricity is generated through nuclear, hydro, wind, solar and biomass. 

During the second part of the workshop pupils applied their theory knowledge by creating a basic circuit using a battery, buzzer, red and black wire and a terminal block. Pupils then tested a range of materials to identify if they were a conductor or insulator. At the end of this activity pupils learnt aluminium foil, copper, mild steel paper clip and graphite were all conductors as they allow electricity to pass through easily. Plastic, wood and glass did not allow electricity to pass through them because they are good insulators. 

During the final part of the workshop pupils were set the challenge of applying all that they had learnt by designing and making a buzz wire game that was powered by a basic electric circuit. This enhanced their practical making and problem-solving skills as they were required to design their buzz wire game by including circuit diagrams and electronic component symbols. Pupils then had to demonstrate skill in using a range of hand tools and equipment safely to make their buzz wire game. Overall pupils commented on how much fun they had improving their knowledge and understanding of electricity in a theoretical and practical way.    

During the Summer term pupils will be given another opportunity to apply their learning from this workshop on the topic of electricity within their Science and DT units.