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Year 7 DT Christmas Fair




On Wednesday 11th December Year 7 pupils hosted the annual DT Christmas Fair as part of their DT Enterprise Project.

Pupils have spent the term working in small teams learning how to design and manufacture a batch of innovative Christmas products that could be produced using recycled materials/ minimal resources to help reduce wastage. The products would then be sold to raise money for a charity of their choice. As well as focusing on the aesthetics of their products pupils had to show consideration of the function and quality control.

Prior to manufacturing their products pupils were required to think carefully about making sure the products met the needs of their target user/client and suitable materials/ingredients that would work well for their designs.

Pupils had a brilliant time selling their products at the fair. The year group raised a fantastic £727.19 surpassing the amount raised last year (£587.82). They have decided to donate the money raised to Ups and Downs South West (enables people with Down’s syndrome live full and rewarding lives), RSPCA North Somerset Branch (supports animal welfare work) and Weston Hospice Care.

‘The DT Department are very proud of all the Year 7 pupils because they have produced a great variety of amazing products that show excellent originality. Pupils have put in a lot of hard work in class and during lunchtime clubs. They have shown great dedication in wanting to make this Christmas Fair a success'.