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Year 7 House Football Matches

Year 7

The Vikings were crowned Champions of the House football competition after winning the Premier Trophy and coming second in the Challenge Cup. On inspection of the Vikings squad it is understandable why they did so well. A good team needs variety, desire and players who can occupy key roles. Vikings had a solid platform with players like Frankie, Benny and Joshua doing the jobs that are so important. Namely winning the ball and keeping it and cutting out opposition attacks. They had tenacity and energy with Matvi, Liam, Oliver, Adam and Jamie. These players ran tirelessly and were always available for the ball. They also had a strong array of attacking outlets with the impressive Noah, Emile and Jack constantly challenging the opposition with their intelligence and skill. Noah showed his full array of attacking skills throughout. He often managed to wriggle away from the close inspection of the defender and then had the clarity of mind to lay the ball to a player in space. A real masterclass and exhibition of reading the game. He also contributed a number of goals that would be fit for goal of the season. Jack scored an impressive 5 goals. It was a great team performance by both Vikings side. However, the day was not just about the Vikings. Far from it. All of the Houses put on a real show and should be proud of the way they played. The Celts came 2nd with Henry and Xavier central to their performance. They played multiple positions, always put the team first and were constantly looking to involve all members of the team. Saxons finished 3rd overall and the Normans were 4th.