Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 7 House Netball Matches

Tuesday 28th Feb 

It was great to see the girls enjoying house netball again. It seems so long ago that this event was able to happen. It is a great opportunity for all our pupils to experience the fun and enjoyment that comes with playing sport and also supporting others and building team spirit . 

The year sevens played with spirit and determination and I was particularly impressed with the cheerleading shown by non players. 

The netball was good and it was pleasing to see the improvement in footwork and knowledge of the rules. 

There was two completions ; an A and a B and then an overall winner. 

A tournament 

1st Celts 

2nd Saxons

3rd Normans 

4th Vikings 


B tournament 

1st Saxons

2nd Normans 

3rd Celts 

4th Vikings 

Overall result 

1st Saxon 

2nd Normans 

2nd Celts 

3rd Vikings