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Year 7 Netball vs Wells Blue School.

Year Seven Netball A and B 

A great afternoon of netball for the pupils. Their first away fixture this term after committed training on a Monday lunch . A long match of 12 minute quarters. 

The A team fought bravely against strong opposition. Grace B was voted player of match by the opposition and displayed her high level of fitness at centre. The defence led by Tilly and Poppy looked determined but the shooter from Wells was very accurate. Well done Tilly, Poppy, Elyssa, Grace, Hattie, Leila and Iris. Final score 21-7 to Wells 

The B team led by Alice F had a close match and the two teams were a good match. The defence led by Saber and Katie intercepted many passes and Grace S was able to accurately shoot . Well done to Katie, Saber, Tilly, Alice, Freya , Grace 
(player of the match) and Sophia .Final score - Wells Blue won 11-7 

 It was especially good to see three year eights, Hebe, Heidi and Hannah supporting their team; thank you.  The girls had arranged their own transport and I know the year sevens really appreciated their support.