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Year 7 Trip to Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey

On Wednesday the 28th of June, 30 year 7s got to go on a trip to Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey. This is all about their day.


First of all we went to Wells Cathedral, where we were given an introduction about what we were going to do. We then got put into 3 groups, and we were told all about the history of Henry VIII. The tour guide told us about when the king's men shot the stained glass windows and destroyed all the statues of Mary (Jesus' mum). Year 7 were also lucky to be shown the Cathedral's library. This was the first part of the day.


The second half of the day was at Glastonbury Abbey.  We were all shown Glastonbury Abbey, one of the most famous monasteries. We all got told about the layout of the once standing Glastonbury Abbey. After we were told all about the Glastonbury Abbey layout, we all did a drama/costume play. The group of year 7s all took part, which meant everyone had to dress up, but no one knew what would be happening we just 'went with the flow'.


This trip gave us year 7s a wonderful new learning experience about Henry VIII and the Tudor time. We all loved this wonderful experience and would love to go again. This was all about our day.