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Year 7 Visit to Bristol Places of Worship


On 15th March a group of 43 pupils visited the Shal Jalal Jame Mosque and the Ramagarhia Sikh Temple, both in Bristol.  In KS2 pupils studied the key aspects of the Islamic faith, and are currently studying the teachings and ideas of the Sikh faith.  Mohammed, the education officer from the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society gave a very informative talk to the pupils and showed us around the mosque.  Pupils were rather impressed by the dome.

We then walked over the Sikh Temple, where the President, Mr Singh welcomed us and invited us to eat our lunch in the Langar Hall, where Sikhs share a communal, vegetarian meal, every Sunday after their worship.  Pupils were then invited upstairs, where Sikhs worship.  They were inspired by the beautiful and ornate decorations.  The pupils listened very carefully and respectfully to Mr Singh and answered his questions. Two of our pupils even had a chance to try playing the harmonium!  Before we left, pupils were able to walk round a look carefully at the Sikh Holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.