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Year 7 WOW Week - workshops

Wow week is underway. This week HSMS are excited to be hosting 20 PGCE teacher trainees from the University of the West of England (UWE).  The trainees are working with pupils and running eight Medieval Britain themed cross-curricular workshops, where pupils are expanding their understanding about what it was like to live in Medieval times. Although the workshops are history based, they all incorporate a wide range of other subject areas and skills (textiles, art, food tech, DT, drama, science, maths, and, of course, a history workshop - on the life of Knights).  So far it looks like the pupils are having a lot of fun and learning a great deal too. We visit Chepstow castle on Wednesday, and by Friday each tutor group will have prepared a scene of a Mummers play to present to KS2 in the afternoon.