Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Year 8 away Rounders match versus Wells Blue.

This match has historically been a close, good natured match and tonight's game was exactly that.
Both the batting and the fielding skills showed great potential. The girls played with great team spirit and both teams thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Ashling was voted player of the match by the opposition ,batting with consistency and fielding with great precision and timing.
It was close -Millie's unusual hits to the left of the field, meant that she was top scorer. This was particularly satisfying for Millie as she has been working  hard on her hitting technique.
Captained by a determined Chloe, the Hugh Sexey team managed to beat Wells Blue.
Final Score 11-10
Sadly, the last fixture for our year eights . I would just like to express my enjoyment at working with this team. A true reflection of what sport is all about, determination, skill and great team work. I hope they will continue to thrive in sport .