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Year 8 Careers Visit to Cannington College Farm

On Tuesday 27th February, a group of Year 8 pupils travelled to Rodway Farm in Cannington, one of the Bridgwater and Taunton College campuses to learn a bit more about Post 16 qualifications in agriculture and land-based studies.  Dani, the FarmLink coordinator, programmed a visit that included learning a bit about large animal husbandry alongside the many technical and vocational skills, qualifications and careers that support farmers and the wider agriculture industry.  Pupils saw first hand how modern technology is increasing milking yields through the utilisation of a robot machine affectionately called Juno, who sweeps up the silage the herd spreads around when they eat.  This ensures that nothing is wasted, and the animal are never without their food.  Pupils also learned how electronic and magnetic collars worn by the cows are able to sense how often they eat and limit food delivery, if needed, to ensure optimal health.  Walking the farm site also provide an opportunity for pupils to consider the responsibility farmers have towards maintaining the biodiversity of the land and learn more about what some farms are now doing to ensure that agriculture and wildlife coexist harmoniously.  Before our departure, we were able to meet and talk with some of the students currently studying at the college and find out more about their projected career path and ambitions.  Undoubtedly though, one of the highlights of the visit was the time spent in the nursery sheds - the young calves and lambs were adorable to pet and cuddle.