Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 8 Design & Technology Projects

Year 8 pupils have produced some fantastic products in DT this year. Examples of their work can be seen in the slide show.
In Cooking and Nutrition pupils had to plan and make a baked food product within a 1 hour timescale. The product could either be sweet or savoury. Pupils were assessed on their organisation, hygiene and safety, food preparation skills, cooking and presentation of the final dish.


As part of Product Design pupils were required to respond creatively to the project brief below:
Context: Designers have a responsibility to design products that are environmentally friendly. This means choosing materials that can be used again or recycled. Sustainability is a global concern and customers are increasingly seeking products which reflect this awareness.


Brief: A local manufacturer creates large amounts of waste material off-cuts which are currently thrown away. The company would like you to use the material to design a new storage box product that would appeal to the target market of your choice. The storage box must be made using pine and include a finger joint.