Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 8 House Benchball Matches

Mondays torrential down pour meant that the second half of the House Rugby and Hockey was postponed. With a number of athletes arriving in competitive House mode the decision was made to play a benchball tournament. House points that contribute towards the cup would be assigned.

The games were played in a great spirit with excellent engagement from the crowd. Kai, George, Annie, Molly and Annabel worked very well throughout for the Saxons. Max, Bo, Emilia, Alesia and Toby had great games for the Normans and really embraced the House competition. There were some great games throughout and it was pleasing to see all the Houses working so well.


The final placings after all of the games were


  1. Normans - 40 points
  2. Celts
  3. Saxons
  4. Vikings