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Year 8 House Football Matches

Year 8

The year 8 House Matches were an absolute pleasure to be a part of. The boys played with a fantastic attitude throughout and it was so pleasing to see the boys enjoying their football. The Challenge Cup was a joy to watch with goals from outside the area a common occurrence. Will from the Celts smashed in two crackers and was a general menace throughout. Owen scored 4 goals for the Normans and played brilliantly throughout the day. On top of his goal scoring, his link up play was exceptional and he helped get the best out of his team mates. Celts were the overall winners, taking 1st place in the Premier and Challenge Competitions. Austin and Sam played beautifully as a striking pair and Harry really benefited from their service in front of goal. Dylan was solid and assured and also provided lots of attacking intent. Freddie was player of the day and his safe hands at the back gave them a real source of comfort. Liam, Anthony, Jules and Cam were in strong form in the Challenge competition and have made huge developments as football players. George was top scorer in the Premier Competition with 4 goals.

Thanks to all the sport leaders and staff who contributed to the House Matches.