Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 8 House Matches - Rugby

Well done to all of the boys who took part in the house rugby matches. There was a tag and a contact competition to cater for the different interests of the players and both served up some excellent rugby. The tag competition was played in an excellent spirit with all the players displaying the core values of the sport. Joe, Lewis, Sam and Josh displayed how much they have evolved as players this year. All of them were busy looking for work and were able to straighten the line to create space out wide. Harvey and Ollie benefited from this with continued runs down the wings for their houses. The Vikings emerged as the winners for the tag completion followed by the Celts, Saxons and Normans.
1 Vikings
2 Celts
3 Saxons
4 Normans

The contact competition was a full bloodied event as expected. The opening games displayed a lot of forceful and assertive tackles with Sam, Will, Ben and Kenny leading the charge. As the boys discovered that running through each other does not always result in scoring try's they started to use a little more subtlety in their methods of attack in this resulted in open space for the likes of Tom, Luc and Joel. The level of rugby was very high and it was pleasing to see the boys taking it seriously but also enjoying the day. The Celts emerged as the winners, but all of the players should be happy with the performance of their houses.
1 Celts
2 Saxons
3 Vikings
4 Normans