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Year 8 Mendip Rounders tournament

Mendip Rounders tournament 
St. Dunstans, Glastonbury. 
June 30th 
The year eight girls have been practising hard on their batting and fielding skills every Thursday. This was a chance to see how they played against other schools. 
Mrs. Wilkinson who has been working with the girls as coach, drove them in the Wedmore Community bus to the tournament . Many thanks for her positive support. 
It has been a difficult tournament to organise with weather and end of term commitments so all were pleased it went ahead. 
Rounders is a fiercely competitive game and the year eights got off to a great start beating Crispin and Oakfield. Great performance from Tilly Hallet,captain, who has been practising her batting at home. It showed as she slammed some fantastic hits. 
After a long break, the girls played St. Dunstans and Selwood. St. Dunstans played a great fielding game the girls lost and we're all out. The girls also lost to Wells Blue. 
The final match was against Selwood and this was a close match which our girls went onto win. On rounders difference the girls ended fourth. 
Sadly, this was the last time I will get to take these girls to a fixture. I would just like to thank the year eight teams. They have been hardworking, fun,dedicated ,reliable and successful. What more could a PE teacher ask for?  Good luck in your future sport. 
Kate Allen