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Year 8 Netball - HSMS vs Wells Blue

Match Report 
Thursday 27th February. 
8A / 8B teams v Wells Blue ( away) 
The teams travelled by coach to Wells Blue. It was a glorious sunny day and this was our first match. 
8A  This was a very closely fought match between the two schools. The matches were four quarters of ten minutes duration. After the first quarter the team seemed a bit deflated as they were trailing behind 6- 3 
After a successful switch of Charli and Gaby playing WA and WD the girls played some fine netball to equalise at the end of the second quarter. The third and fourth quarter were really close . The shooter from Wells was very accurate but defenders, Gemma and Alice prevented her from gaining possession too often. Our shooters improved as the match progressed, Captain Freya displaying her experience in moving around the court and Bryher  applied what she had learnt in the previous night training coming to collect the ball from behind a strong  GK. 
The penultimate minute saw Freya shoot a successful shot to win the match 15-14. 
Final Score Hugh Sexey 15 Wells Blue 14  
This was a most enjoyable match, the first match for two of our players, Robyn and Jasmine. The team captained by Lydia were supportive and encouraging throughout. The first quarter saw one goal from Winnie and on reflection the team decided to place Ava as GA. This proved a successful move as the Hugh Sexey team ploughed into the lead with some very accurate shooting. A real team effort. Jasmine kept the match calm and Asha defended well as GK. 
Final Score Hugh Sexey 16 Wells Blue 1 
Well done to all players - most enjoyable.