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Year 8 Sports Awards

Year 8 Sports Awards


It was a pleasure to have our year 8 pupils together again to celebrate their sporting success at Hugh Sexey. Last year's event took place over Zoom so it was pleasing to gather in the picturesque surrounds of the school fields and remember past events and sporting glories. Hopefully Zoom presentations for Sports Awards will remain a thing of the past. The last 18 months has had an impact on what the year 8s could do in a sporting capacity. National cups, sport leaders events, festivals and fixtures are just some of the things we usually take for granted that have been taken from us. It is a credit to the 8s that their love of sport hasn't diminished, and I hope the absence helps fuel their desire to compete. 

There were awards for a range of sports and we as a PE team were really thrilled with the way the 8s conducted themselves and enjoyed the occasion. I am sure they will attend many more events like this as they continue their sporting journeys.

To mark Mr Waterfield's departure from Hugh Sexey, I felt it was fitting that a new award was created in his name. The Gareth Waterfield Cup will now be awarded to the pupil who we feel fully invests themself into the School sport program: an athlete who attends multiple clubs, conducts themselves in the right manner and gives up time to support and help others. This year several names were suggested but in the end, it was fitting that Jack Hillman would be the first name on the trophy. Jack has been an excellent sport leader and he instinctively looks to help others.

The boys and girls award for outstanding achievement were awarded to Finley Bendle and Izzy Boxer. Finley has captained the School Cricket and Rugby teams and been a frequent member of school football sides. He has shown himself to be a person who is always looking to improve, and he has been an excellent ambassador for the school. He promotes positive values and is a role model to the other pupils at the school. Izzy has shown herself to be an excellent all-round athlete and a pupil who sets herself very high standards.  Since year 5 she has always worked hard to improve, and she gives the impression that she loves to take part in sport and compete. She has been a frequent member of school sides, excelling in the sports of netball, gymnastics and dance. We wish these pupils well for the future and hope they continue to pursue their sporting goals.

The presentation ended with a final word from Mr Waterfield. The pupils were keen to pass on their thanks to a member of staff who has given so much to the pupils and the PE department during his 20 years at HSMS.