Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Year Seven Mendip Hockey tournament

November 28th Well Blue 
The girls were very excited about this competition after working hard at training every Wednesday. 
The first match was against a strong team from Wells. They conceded an early goal against them early in the game but didn't let their heads go down. A strong defence from Avril and Poppy meant that the final score was 1-0 to Wells. 
A slightly different squad faced Oakfield from Frome in the second match. Again there was an early goal from the opposition but Annie dribbled through to make a great pass to Amelie who scored a goal in the last moment of the game 
Final score 1-1 
After a rest the girls faced Fairlands. A few good saves from Goalkeeper , Maddie but the final score in the end was 2-0 to Fairlands. 
The final two matches were close. Selwood and Hugh Sexey played a great game and no goals were scored. Jez and Sophia , with Beatrice in midfield showed great determination and it was a shame no goals were scored. Anna displayed great fitness and Malikia was inspiring as captain. Izzy made some strong free passes but sadly the team didn't score. 
Final score 0-0 
Our last match was against Crispin and the girls were determined to win.   They scored at the beginning of the match and this meant the final score in their last match was 1-0 to Hugh Sexey. 
Overall, we came in at 4th place. The girls enjoyed their first tournament and all seemed to have learnt a great deal from their experience. Well done. 
The photograph is missing Beatrice arrived at a different time.