Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Yr 7 Hockey Matches vs Crispin.

Hockey match versus Crispin year 7A and 7B (away) 

Tuesday November 8th . 



The girls have not yet played together as a team. The eight girls that have been selected have been very regular members of club throughout their time at school. This was reflected in their teamwork and their high level of skill. 

The match began well with an early goal.. The goal D was very small and it was difficult to score in the very congested area. 

The girls kept to their positions well and the midfield would not allow any ball to travel into the opposition territory. This meant our two defenders had a slightly quiet game. 

Captain, Ella Hodgson spread the ball well to the two wings- Harriet Griffiths and Ashling Kelway. Hannah Carter demonstrated her fitness and the game flowed. 

Final Score 8-0 to Hugh Sexey. Players of the match Rhiannon and Ella. 

Jess Haines scored 5 and Hannah Carter scored 3



The B team were very enthusiastic and lively and supported each other well throughout the match. Isabelle  Cook ( more often found playing football!) demonstrated good positional awareness. The defence were strong and Meghan Ireland placed the ball well up the pitch as she took hit outs. 

The girls scored three goals in the first half. Mia Johnson  demonstrating her speed up the wing and Scarlett Smith  consistent in stopping the ball and spreading it. 

Captain, Isobel Talbot led well encouraging her team throughout. ( Many thanks to Isobel’s MM for her support in all the matches. ) 

Crispin scored one goal in the second half. 

Final score Crispin 1 Hugh Sexey 3 Player of the match Mia Johnson.