Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Yr 7 Rugby vs Crispin

The year 7 rugby team put in a strong showing against a large and powerful Crispin side. Ultimately Hugh Sexey had too much game experience and were able to outwit and overpower Crispin in most areas. George and Ollie were very dominant in the tackle and able to win a lot of ball before the ruck was fully formed. They also showed excellent quality in attack, both in decision making and ball carrying ability.  In the first half Hugh Sexey showed some excellent attacking shape with Luke frequently charging into open space and Will, Dennis and Kieron looking to move the ball wide into threatening areas. Some of the tries were very well worked with Crispin simply running out of numbers. Excellent forward play from Hugo and Ethan ensured that we had a steady stream of the ball. Aggressive running ensured that we continued to move forward and provide front foot ball.
Crispin arrived a little under strength so we lent them a number of our players to make up the numbers. It was really pleasing to see these players helping their new team mates and enjoying the challenge of playing against their friends.
As the game wore on Crispin grew into the contest getting a few late scores.
Overall it was a pleasing showing but I am sure greater challenges will appear later in the year.
Many thanks to Crispin for a good spirited game.