Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Yr 7 Rugby vs St. Dunstan's

The Year Seven boys represented Hugh Sexey at an away game against St. Dunstan's school. The behaviour shown by all Year Seven boys was exemplary and is a real testament to their character. Year seven presented themselves well from the get-go, demonstrating a well-practiced and professional passing drill as part of the warm-up. As Captain of the team Jack demonstrated strong leadership from the off, offering clear direction to the team for both defensive and offensive play. Jack also made correct, quick decisions for when to receive and kick the ball and demonstrated a good example of how to interact with a referee. The first half saw two tries scored by St. Dunstan's-with one physically imposing player making large amounts of ground, often stopped by low and committed tackles from Oliver T.


Year Seven dominated the majority of the game, maintaining possession for most of the play. A variety of runs and tries were scored by Louis, who showed his endurance and amazing ability to fix a player, before rapidly side-stepping and breaking through the line. Louis was often supported by Oliver and Oliver, who worked together as fantastic pack leads. The back line was well utilised, with Harrison scoring multiple tries, due to an excellent ability to receive the ball at speed,  coupled with an incredible turn of pace which could not be matched. Jack continually demonstrated his impressive ability to read a Rugby Pitch, and made successive successful runs and tries, aided by both Louis and Rohan B offering support when needed. Rohan B was awarded player of the match for impressive endurance and playing multiple positions throughout, acting as both inside center and gaining valuable ground - avoiding the contact where necessary, whilst conversely often being the first to a breakdown, demonstrating an impressive robustness when faced with a considerably larger opposition prop.


In the second half of the game the rotating front five made successive smaller but continuous gains, utilising strong runs from Austin, Blake and Logan - particularly from well-planned penalties, whilst being constantly well-supported by Jake, Oliver and Oliver. Supportive play practiced in afterschool training drills was well demonstrated by the forwards, with good teamwork. This caused all of the opposition forwards to commit, allowing breaks and tries to be made on both wings. 


The game finished 60-10 - a very convincing win - with a commendable performance by all. 


  • Mr. Sawkins.