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Yr 8 Boys' Football Team - match reports

Match reports
Selwood: Selwood 3-0 Hugh Sexeys.   The game didn't start too well for Sexeys. Selwood were very close to getting an early goal with a nice chip from there striker. Their 2 travelling fans began to celebrate as the ball trickled towards the line but Fred Rice had other ideas. He raced for the ball and got behind it to clear the rolling ball. Selwood still got off the mark fairly quickly with a goal slotted nicely into the bottom corner. They soon got a second from a corner. The ball drifted into the box and Selwood were given to much time by the Sexeys defence. Unmarked, the goalscorer striked it into the top corner. Sloppy defending at fault then. Now in the middle of open play there wandering right back struck a shot from distance which ricocheted of the post. The third goal after half time and was from the edge of the box and put nicely to the left of the keeper. Sexeys heads didn't drop but the game carried on quietly and the game ended with a loss for Sexeys.
Oakfield: Oakfield 0-3 Hugh Sexeys.   Oakfield were a different team to play against. They were a large and physical team. The score was level until not long before half time. A corner was taken by Freddy Axton and a few scuffling shots later, Jake King struck it sweetly into the top left to break the deadlock. The crowd were stunned. Jake boosted the confidence of our comparatively small team and Richard Hillgrove got themselves another goal by hitting it across goal. Oakfield seemed to think the game was over and began messing around and being quite unpleasant to Hugh Sexeys. Sexeys however keeping their cool carried on and set Freddy Axton up for another goal. At least that's what they thought! The goal was disallowed due to Oakfields unprofessional goalkeeper who claimed the ball didn't cross the line and in actual fact hit the side netting. Outrageous... The opposition team continued to get on Sexey's nerves but there was no time left. The whistle blew and Sexeys had deservedly won.  

Jack Gillett