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Week 2 - Le Corps (the body)

This week is on les parties du corps - parts of the body.

You might have started learning these in class...


Use Quizlet to learn and practise

Quizlet has lots of ways to practise new words. Start by clicking through the flashcards - click on the card to see what it means, and click the arrows to go forwards and backwards.

Then explore the other activities!


Click on the link below to start.

TASK: Label parts of the body in French on a picture of a person or animal - it could be a photo of yourself, your pet, a member of your family, or a picture you have drawn!


Voici un exemple.

Il s'appelle Monsieur Phacochère (Mr. Warthog).

Il habite avec Madame Kendall!



If you need any extra words, visit


You are welcome to email your picture to Miss Kendall (and I will share it with Mr. Goodwin or Mrs. Le Hunte)... we'd love to see them!


Watch the video and try singing along... or following the dance!

Jean Petit Qui Danse - French and English subtitles

"Jean Petit qui danse" is a famous "popular" song. It's about Jean Petit (John Little), who dances with different parts of his body. All copyrights (video, m...